What's going to make your wedding album its best are the photographs inside and the special day they reflect. Nothing quite compares to those wedding photos that bring you back in time and allow you to share that with others.


Pre-select Photos Before You Begin the Editing Process


Chances are, your storied day made for hundreds (if not thousands) of amazing photos. How should you decide which ones to print? Try to limit your selection to include those that truly move you or bring you back to the day. Sound impossible? Not to worry. We recommend first going through your online gallery and picking 20(heart) absolute favorites: the photos you couldn't live without, key moments, and shots of the most important people in your life. Next, select another 40 – 50 favorites that span the gamut of the day. Think: scene-setters, a few of your favorite details, that portrait you gush over. This approach to selecting images will help you to create a wedding photo album that's thoughtfully curated without missing a favorite.


If you are having trouble narrowing it down, don't hesitate to put in a few images that are similar. In the design process I will choose the images that I think best fits the flow of your album. And don't worry, you can make any substitutions or changes after you see the initial design.


Once you favorite your images in your online gallery send me an email to get started on the next steps!


Most popular style.
All white backgrounds no image borders, no overlapping images. Ranging from 1-14 images per spread. Clean design, perfect for timeless albums.
Classic Style
Your images will fill the pages, accented by overlays, photo and textured backgrounds, thin key line image borders and color accents, that are customized to the colors in the images. .This creative wedding album design style is fun and makes your wedding images pop.
You can opt to simplify this version as a mix between both styles.

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