Allie and Mike September 14th 2013

I am so excited to blog about Allie and Mike’s wedding at the Mountain View Grand Resort  in Whitefield, NH.   Allie was my former RA in college and also still works at the school. I knew it was going to be a fun night with a large Merrimack College crowd in attendance.  Carly and I couldn’t get over the view once we arrived.  This resort is absolutely breathtaking.  Not only are the views outside gorgeous but the inside of the resort is so charming and romantic.  A picture perfect spot for a wedding.

2013-10-02_0001 2013-10-02_0002 2013-10-02_0003 2013-10-02_0004 2013-10-02_0005

Mike and his groomsmen had a relaxing morning of figuring out how to fold pocket squares and drinking Yuengling.  My kind of party for sure!  Carly captured Mike’s reactions to his gift from Allie perfectly.

2013-10-02_0006 2013-10-02_0007

The bride and groom were going to arrive back to the resort as husband and wife in style!  Carly and I were pretty obsessed with this car; so were the guys.

2013-10-02_0008 2013-10-02_0010 2013-10-02_0011The color theme was blues and greens, which accented nicely with the yellow found all through out the resort.

2013-10-02_0012 2013-10-02_0013 2013-10-02_0014 2013-10-02_0015 2013-10-02_0016 2013-10-02_0018

2013-10-02_0019 2013-10-02_0020 2013-10-02_0021 2013-10-02_0022Allie’s dad waited in anticipation for her. The look on his face, after seeing her for the first time, was priceless.

2013-10-02_0023 2013-10-02_0024 2013-10-02_0025 2013-10-02_0026

Sometimes, not everyone wants to cooperate.  The flower girls did a fantastic job all day, but this moment cracked us all up.2013-10-02_0027 2013-10-02_0028 2013-10-02_0029 2013-10-02_0030 2013-10-02_0031 2013-10-02_0032 2013-10-02_0033 2013-10-02_0034 2013-10-02_0035 2013-10-02_0036

This has to be one of my favorite reactions of all time.  Mike was so overcome with emotion while seeing his bride walk towards him.  It’s moments like these that are why I love my job.

2013-10-02_0037 2013-10-02_0038 2013-10-02_0039 2013-10-02_0040 2013-10-02_0041 2013-10-02_0042 2013-10-02_0043 2013-10-02_0044 2013-10-02_0045 2013-10-02_0047 2013-10-02_0048 2013-10-02_0049 2013-10-02_0050 2013-10-02_0051 2013-10-02_0053 2013-10-02_0052Talk about breathtaking!

2013-10-02_0054 2013-10-02_0055 2013-10-02_0057The bridesmaids and groomsman rocked.  We had a blast with everyone.

2013-10-02_0058 2013-10-02_0059 2013-10-02_0061 2013-10-02_0060 2013-10-02_0062 2013-10-02_0063 2013-10-02_0064 2013-10-02_0065 2013-10-02_0066 2013-10-02_0067 2013-10-02_0068 2013-10-02_0069 2013-10-02_0070 2013-10-02_0071

Apparently Mike’s family has an inside joke with Barry Manilow.  It was so nice to see him in attendance for their special day!


Go Warriors!

2013-10-02_0073 2013-10-02_0074

Allie and her Dad broke it down right in the middle of the father daughter dance. This set the tone for the rest of the night. 2013-10-02_0075 2013-10-02_0076

DJ Wyatt had the party going all night long, just like he always does at Merrimack College.  It was awesome to not only be photographing Merrimack alumn, but working alongside them too. DJ Wyatt was fantastic!

2013-10-02_0078 2013-10-02_0079 2013-10-02_0084 2013-10-02_0085 2013-10-02_0080 2013-10-02_0083 2013-10-02_0082

Thanks again to Allie and Mike!  We had an amazing time with all of your family and friends. Can’t wait to get you the rest of your images!

Venue:  Mountain View Grand

Wedding Coordinator:  Sandra Louis – Wedding Daze

Florist: Emily Herzig Floral Studio

DJ:  DJ Wyatt Kelley

Cake: Robyn Spiridigliozzi

Second Shooter: Carly Gillis

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