Carolyn and Erick -Engagement and Rivalry

When your best friend of 26 years gets engaged, the wheels in your head start turning immediately.  Or at least in mine they did.  Engagement photos!   Maybe I  just was eager to start my maid of honor job.  In all seriousness, since day one there is nothing I wouldn’t do for this girl.  Carolyn is one of those people that instantly lights up a room.  I have been so lucky to have her in my life for so long. We aren’t just best friends, we truly are sisters.  Erick is absolutely the ying to her yang.  He has been around long enough for me to call him my “brother in law”.  I could continue on, but that would ruin a perfectly good speech I’m going to give in about 11 months!

Clearly below you can see we have one slight problem.  Carolyn is a stand up New England Patirots fan, while Erick… well you get the idea. It goes the same for Red Sox and Yankees.   Lucky for Erick, we love him despite his choice in teams (at least he’s a Celtics fan).   I was super excited when Carolyn finally asked me to do her save the date picture.  I’m not going to go ahead and give away their final choice but here are some from the fun day we had.

Carolyn and Erick: I’m so honored to stand by you on your special day!  Love you both. dip9 eng-3 dip7 eng-8 dip8 eng-10 eng-1-2 eng-11 dip5 dip6 eng-17 eng-21 eng-25 dip4 dip2 eng-28 dip3 eng-29 eng-33 dip1

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