Carolyn and Stephen [Harrington Farm Princeton, MA]

I was excited all year for Carolyn and Stephen’s wedding. I have known Carolyn for quite some time thanks to her sister Danielle being married to my cousin Greg. I knew going into the wedding how much fun we were all going to have. This group is such a fun bunch to be around.

All week the weather, once again, was looking really iffy.  I knew that there were plenty of beautiful spots inside at Harrington Farm but I was really hopping the rain  would hold off. For once, it did. We were able to take advantage of the beautiful grounds.  Carolyn and Steve decided to do a first look before the ceremony. It was so nice to have their family and close friends watching from the porch. We were able to do all of the pictures before the ceremony.

Once the ceremony concluded we took advantage of the last bit of light outside in the field.  Once inside, the reception was in full swing. I loved all the rustic decor that they had to highlight the venue.  Be on the look out for their dog Luna at the reception.  She was there in the form of a cardboard cutout.

Remember that rain I was talking about? Well it finally arrived in a downpour at night. However, I will never turn down a good rain shot.  I have to give major props to Carolyn and Steve for being such amazing sports standing out in the rain without an umbrella. One of my favorite pictures of the year happened at that moment.

Venue: Harrington Farm

Hair: Nicole Greco

Makeup: Jackie Carpenito – Axel Color Studio

Flowers: A Whole Bunch Flower Market

Carolyn & Stephen

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