Christine and Zach June 29th 2013

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Just wanted to share some quick wedding photos from last weekend. Also stay tuned because the Cinema team documented an awesome wedding last Sunday. Can’t wait to show you all.

Tupper Manor is a gorgeous venue in Beverly, MA.  Just recently, I was a bridesmaid in a wedding here and had a fabulous time.   This time around I was on the other side of the camera.  It was a perfect day for Christine and Zach. They are such a great couple. Christine was absolutely glowing all day and Zach was just so much fun to be around.  Congrats to the both of you!

It was great to be shooting along side Erik of Elm Street Images and Greg of C-Zone Entertainment got the party started as usual.

2013-07-04_0001.jpg 2013-07-04_0002.jpg 2013-07-04_0003.jpg 2013-07-04_0004.jpg 2013-07-04_0005.jpg 2013-07-04_0006.jpg 2013-07-04_0007.jpg 2013-07-04_0008.jpg 2013-07-04_0009.jpg 2013-07-04_0010.jpg 2013-07-04_0011.jpg 2013-07-04_0012.jpg 2013-07-04_0013.jpg 2013-07-04_0014.jpg 2013-07-04_0015.jpg 2013-07-04_0016.jpg 2013-07-04_0017.jpg 2013-07-04_0018.jpg 2013-07-04_0019.jpg 2013-07-04_0020.jpg 2013-07-04_0021.jpg 2013-07-04_0030.jpg 2013-07-04_0027.jpg 2013-07-04_0028.jpg 2013-07-04_0026.jpg 2013-07-04_0024.jpg 2013-07-04_0023.jpg 2013-07-04_0022.jpg 2013-07-04_0025.jpg 2013-07-04_0029.jpg

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