Alphabet Letter Project

Go on a scavenger hunt and photograph something that looks like a letter in the English alphabet. Use your imagination and you'll begin to notice letters everywhere. The only thing that's not allowed are photographs of actual letters such as billboards and signs. You can find letters made from everyday items like wheels, bricks, light posts, trees and so much more. You can use your phone or camera. Try to get as close as possible to what you are photographing.


See if you can find all 26! You can also use this project to spell out different words or names. See some examples below. (you can find tons of examples online as well)


You can then stitch the images together (in one of the many phone apps) to create a grid displaying your work. Post your results for all to see!


This would be a great gift to give to family members. You can print out individual letters and put them in a frame or if you would like me to put together an image for you to create a print let me know!





**below projects aren't mine but will post mine when I complete it*


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