Krista and Zach The Margate, Laconia NH

It has been a minute since I have blogged. The end of this season was crazy busy and blogging just got away from me. I’m so excited to share these weddings that wrapped up my 2019 season.

Back in August we were up at the Margate Resort in Laconia NH for Krista and Zach’s wedding. It was an incredibly gorgeous day to be up in the mountains. I have known Zach for a long time since I’m close friends with his sister Blakely. I really do love having so many weddings where I know the family. It always leads to a fun day.  

 Krista and Zach were surrounded by family, friends and motorcycles. To cap off their day we were treated to an awesome fireworks display.  Thank you both for letting me share in your special day. It was a blast. 

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